How Is Mesothelioma Treated?

Following diagnosis and staging, the Mesothelioma Treatment Center team will personalize your therapeutic strategy. This strategy may encompass surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as palliative procedures. In some cases, you might be eligible to participate in one of MTC’s clinical trials. If that is the case, your doctor will thoroughly discuss that possibility with you.

There are no universally accepted mesothelioma treatment guidelines. However, your MTC doctor may recommend a multimodality therapeutic approach which involves the use of more than one treatment type. This approach, which involves an aggressive surgical resection (complete macroscopic resection – removal of all tumor visible to the naked eye) in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy has shown promise in extending the survival of some patients with early disease.

Personalized genetic therapies:
When you are evaluated at the MTC, tissues from your tumor and blood samples will be taken and used to evaluate whether your tumor contains several known markers and what specific therapies would work better in your case. This is called personalized medicine.  Our panel of markers is expanding at a steady pace.

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