Michael Cole

Mr. Michael Cole was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive lung cancer, in April of 2015. After feeling poorly for months, Mr. Michael Cole went to see his primary care physician in Fort Worth, Texas. He was sent to the hospital for additional testing, where fluid was found around his lung. This fluid was drained and tested and came back positive for malignant pleural mesothelioma. Mesothelioma occurs when someone is exposed to asbestos. While Mr. Cole does not know where he was exposed to asbestos, he knew moving forward he wanted to find the best treatment available. His doctor in Fort Worth referred him to Dr. David Sugarbaker and the Mesothelioma Treatment Center at Baylor CHI St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, TX. Mr. Cole had an appointment to see Dr. Sugarbaker within the week.

After meeting with Dr. Sugarbaker, Mr. Cole had a lung surgery known as an extra pleural pneumonectomy, where the entire lung is removed, along with the lining of the heart and the diaphragm in May of 2015. At the time of surgery, Mr. Cole also had a round of heated chemotherapy. Additionally, he has had 4 rounds of chemotherapy following his recovery from surgery. Mr. Cole is now over a year out from his surgery and he is doing increasingly well. He has returned to work full time and doing much of what he was capable of before his surgery. He is not yet a full capacity, but he knows he improves every day and is hopeful for the future.

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