Lennis Jones

While planning a trip with her husband, Mrs. Lennis Jones started noticing worrying health symptoms that included shortness of breath. Her primary care physician discovered that she had fluid around her lung, and after testing, it was determined that she had mesothelioma. In the process of trying to find a specialist near where they lived on the West Coast, a family friend reached out to them and referred them to Dr. David Sugarbaker in Houston Texas. Mr. Jones called Dr. Sugarbaker that night and told him Lennis’s story and Dr. Sugarbaker told them to come in as soon as they could make it to Mesothelioma Treatment Center in Houston, Texas.

In October of 2015, Mrs. Jones underwent a pleurectomy decortication, a radical surgery to remove the lining and tumor surrounding her lung, followed by additional surgeries and chemotherapy. After her recovery, Lennis is getting back to normal and starting to feel like herself again.

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