Jacob Tremblay

At age 29, Mr. Jacob Tremblay was shocked to be diagnosed with a rare and aggressive lung cancer, mesothelioma. Mr. Tremblay’s symptoms began with a cough as early as October of 2015. By December of 2015 he was still coughing, was increasingly short of breath, and experiencing night sweats. These worsening symptoms prompted him to seek medical help. After a series of testing, it was determined that Mr. Tremblay had mesothelioma. Unlike most who are given this diagnosis, Mr. Tremblay was not quite sure where he had been exposed to asbestos. His best guess was possibly the house he had lived in as an infant, whose previous owner had passed away from mesothelioma. After being given the diagnosis, Mr. Tremblay and his wife started researching mesothelioma specialists and discovered Dr. David Sugarbaker was a leader in this field and had recently opened the new Mesothelioma Treatment Center at Baylor CHI St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, TX. In late December, they travelled from their home in Baton Rouge, LA to have a consultation with Dr. Sugarbaker. Mr. Tremblay underwent an extra pleural pneumonectomy, a radical surgery to remove the entire lung along with the covering of the heart and the diaphragm and was given chemotherapy at the time of his surgery. He also had additional chemotherapy after his surgery. After Mr. Tremblay’s surgery, he also went through an additional 3 rounds of chemotherapy. This is usually done to ensure the maximum number of cancer cells are eradicated. Seven months later, Mr. Tremblay has returned to school full time, is back to exercising as normal, and has even taken a trip abroad. He has recovered remarkably well, and is hoping for many more years of mesothelioma free health.

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