Dr. Charles Reaume

Retired physician from Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Charles Reaume never considered that he had lung cancer; his symptoms had gone unnoticed. After having fluid removed from his lung 3-4 times, his physician told him he noticed some cells that looked suspicious. Then, after receiving a biopsy he was told he had a rare form of lung cancer disease –Mesothelioma.

After receiving the prognosis of lung cancer (Mesothelioma) Dr. Charles Reaume immediately became concern with lung cancer life expectancy and sought to find a lung cancer doctor who specializes in Mesothelioma. He decided to travel to see Dr. David Sugarbaker a well renowned physician who treats this rare form of lung cancer. He was also one of the very few patients to be seen as a lung cancer patient at the new Mesothelimoa Treatment Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas. After Dr. Reaume’s initial visit, he later had lung cancer treatment and surgery completed. He is now over a year out from his treatment and doing wonderfully.

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