The Day of Surgery

If you decide to bathe or shower the morning of surgery, follow the same instructions as above. Avoid makeup, lotions, powders, deodorants, perfumes, or anything else on your skin unless instructed otherwise by your surgical team.

Do not consume food or water the morning of surgery. If you have been instructed to take medications the morning of surgery, take them only with a small sip of water.
You will be given instructions on where and what time to report the day of surgery. Please arrive on time.

Before surgery begins, you will be connected to monitors that will measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level. An IV will be placed in your arm so medications and fluids can be given to you.

The anesthesiologist will give you a sedative to help you relax. Then you will have an oxygen mask placed over your nose and mouth to help you take deep breaths.
You will fall asleep quickly and be under anesthesia for your entire surgery.
You will have a breathing tube placed once you are asleep.

Our team will constantly update your family members on the progress of surgery and at the end of the operation the attending surgeon will discuss the operative findings with your relatives.

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