Follow Up

Following your surgery, we will work closely with you to monitor your recovery and progress. Several steps go into this process, and the exact treatment schedule is unique to each patient, but here is some general information that is true for all patients:

Post-operative appointment. Your post-operative appointment will generally be scheduled for the Tuesday or Friday following your discharge from the hospital. You will be evaluated for your ability to travel home. If necessary, additional post-op appointments may be scheduled until it is deemed safe for you to return home.

Follow-up appointment. Your first follow-up appointment is generally made for one month after your last post-operative appointment. Depending on your personal recovery progress, overall health, etc. we will usually ask that you come on a regular basis for interval checkups. Our team will help schedule all appointments.

Chemotherapy. Our team may recommend that you have a couple rounds of chemotherapy following your release from the hospital. We will usually wait 1 to 2 months before starting a chemotherapy regiment. This waiting period will give you time to heal from surgery, gain weight, and increase your overall health.
The schedule for chemotherapy is unique to each patient, but usually lasts 4 to 12 weeks. The frequency of treatment can vary depending on the stage of your cancer and the drugs selected for your chemotherapy; you may visit the clinic for treatment once every other week, once per week, or twice per week. Some of the chemotherapies that are commonly given after surgery for MPM include: cisplatin, carboplatin, mitomycin, doxorubicin, and others. Our doctors and our support staff will work with you after your surgery to make sure that you understand your treatment schedule.
After chemotherapy is complete, your doctors will conduct several tests similar to those performed during diagnosis (including X-rays, blood tests, CT scans or PET-CT scans) to evaluate the effectiveness of your chemotherapy and to determine whether to change, continue, or discontinue treatment. Once treatments are finished and the team is pleased with your remission, we will plan follow-up appointments for you as needed.

After every visit in our clinics we will contact your referring physician, share our impression and discuss your continued treatment and surveillance plan.

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