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If your patient is faced with the diagnosis of a relatively rare asbestos cancer like mesothelioma, we understand how critical it is to have physicians on the therapeutic team who have the expertise, experience, and empathy necessary to maximize the likelihood of successful treatment and the best quality of life. We also know how important it is to form a team with you and your patient, to ensure that whenever possible, elements of the patient’s multimodality therapy are administered near the patient’s home. Familiar surroundings and being near family and friends will give your patient the maximal support during mesothelioma treatment. The Mesothelioma Treatment Center was founded by Dr. David J. Sugarbaker, one of the most renowned and celebrated experts in the field of mesothelioma treatment. Under his guidance, our team has become one of the best in the world for mesothelioma care. We are fully committed to building a collaborative and strong working relationship with you, the patient’s doctor. This is only accomplished through frequent and timely communication between the referring physician and the relevant member of our team, who together formulate a treatment plan and follow-up care.

It is important for us that as the patient’s referring physician, you feel comfortable and confident with your referral to our designated program. For this reason, we have compiled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the MTC handle requests for referrals?
When a referring physician contacts us, it is our policy to return the call within 24 hours.

How frequently will the MTC contact me about my patient?
After we have seen the patient, we will schedule a call with you to discuss the plan of care. Following all visits, you will also receive a summary letter about the patient’s visit as well as the clinical notes. Following a surgery, all surgical notes, pathology reports, and details will be sent to you.

Are reports and clinical notes faxed or sent electronically?
We are able to send these items to you by any means that you prefer, including via EPIC, Fax, or U.S. mail. Furthermore, once your patient has completed his or her treatment with us, we will send a package of materials with the patient to give to you.

How can I contact the MTC?
You can contact us in several ways. First, you may call us at (713) 798-6376. Second, you can contact us by email: Finally, you can contact our physicians directly and they will be able to put you in contact with our schedulers to arrange the patient’s referral:


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