BCM Mesothelioma Treatment Center
BCM Mesothelioma Treatment Center

"Providing compassionate care and
innovative therapies for patients and families
suffering from mesothelioma.
– Dr. David Sugarbaker, Professor and Chief

BCM Mesothelioma Treatment Center

The MTC staff works together,
taking a multidisciplinary approach to
provide the best possible care for
patients and their families.

BCM Mesothelioma Treatment Center

The MTC understands the value of
personalized care for each patient and takes
the time to customize treatment for each individual.

BCM Mesothelioma Treatment Center

The MTC provides a destination program
for mesothelioma treatment. We will schedule
all of your medical appointments and procedures,
coordinate your insurance needs, and if required,
assist with the logistics of your travel to our Center.

Welcome to the Mesothelioma Treatment Center

Located in Houston, TX

The Mesothelioma Treatment Center (MTC), which is part of the Lung Institute, takes a comprehensive approach to the treatment of mesothelioma, including personalized treatment, leading-edge research, and a support program encompassing social work, case management, and spiritual care.


Mesothelioma Treatment Center Philosophy

The physicians and staff at the MTC use cutting-edge medical techniques, including genetic and genomic approaches, combined with essential support and therapy, to treat the whole body. Our ultimate goal is to improve and extend the life of our patients.

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Why Patients Choose MTC

There are many advantages to choosing the MTC for your Mesothelioma treatment, including access to highly experienced doctors and cutting edge therapies that are not available anywhere else in the world. Read on to learn more about these advantages.

MTC Advantages

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As a destination program, we are here to provide experts for every step of your treatment – from the first appointment, to navigating the Texas Medical Center, to your return home. Call now to schedule your first appointment with our team.

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